Mark & Patti

Though Patti had the vision for Beyond Letters back in 1997, we have always been a family-oriented business. Patti’s decision to create art professionally was based in both a need for a creative outlet and a desire to stay home with our young children. Her training as a calligrapher provided the foundation from which this passion project has continued to grow over the past 25 years.


Mark joined the Beyond Letters team full-time in 2008 after leaving a career in landscape architecture. Together, we began to explore the medium of encaustic—a natural and highly versatile medium dating back to 5th century BC that relies on pigmented beeswax—and have spent the last 15 years developing our craft in a way that embraced our unique backgrounds.

As you look through our work, you will find that we draw inspiration from both the natural world and its manmade elements, themes that have carried through our work over the years and across mediums. The layered nature of encaustic allows us to add vintage sheet music, dried flowers, and other found objects to our work, literally bringing aspects of the natural world into any attempts to capture it. This is something that we’ve found to be unique to encaustic and one of the many aspects that continues to draw us to this medium.

On this site, you will find selections of our encaustic work, as well as a curated collection of calligraphy pieces and functional pottery. We are always exploring new techniques and learning from our mistakes, so follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook to stay up to date on what we’re working on and where you can find us next. We’re glad you’re here and are excited you've decided to join us on this creative journey.