Beyond Letters

Serenade of Spring


This encaustic triptych features an oak tree with bare and winding branches. The center cutout carries over the theme with real branches. The background of vintage sheet music ties all three panels together. Many different music sheets are included in the finished artwork, among them, "What a Wonderful World." You can even see the gold star on one of the sheet music pages that a dutiful student likely earned at their lesson.

The painting is comprised of multiple layers of clear and pigmented wax resulting in a sculptural, multi-dimensional work with lots of texture. Fine details were added in oil and ink. A custom blend of beeswax and damar resin adds a translucency to give the artwork a glow and depth.

The overall artwork size is 36" x 36" with each panel measuring 12" x 36". It is painted on cradled birch panels which eliminates the need for framing. The edges of the panel are painted black. The artwork is signed and dated on the back, and is wired and ready for hanging.

Also included is an encaustic care card which tells about the encaustic process, history, and how to care for your new encaustic painting.

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